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Albayan WPC

Our enterprise began with a vision of achieving an ultramodern production line in Qatar. We achieved this by appointing a team consisting of the industry’s best professionals to manage every step. We started our operations with WPC-HDPE (wood – plastic composite), an exquisite range of panels that went ahead to become a benchmark in wooding plastic composite products WPC-PVC. This was followed by the launch of an exclusive range of WPC like HYBRID BOARD, WPC ceiling, waterproof sheets, WPC decorative doors, the alternative of GRC…etc.
All set to rejuvenate interior and exterior building designs. Our innovations are highly appreciated by commercial and residential sectors, encouraging us to expand our collection. In addition to this, diversification happened in the form of Albayan Partition Panels and coating items.
In the words of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH): Allah is pleased with those that do their work in the best effort they can.” And in the words of Napoleon Bonaparte, “The truest wisdom is a resolute determination” and it is the determination of Albayan to excel every time that empowers it to set exemplary records of high quality, innovative products, to the best efforts. Moreover, our business is client-centric. Away from branding strategies established in closed conference rooms, Albayan monitors the ongoing market trends and visualizes upcoming ones to establish strong brand equity.
About the product (WPC plastic wood): the product consists of wood-plastic composite and has acquired the properties of each of them as plastic works to protect wood from insects and water and wood works to protect plastic from UV rays. This product has appeared for the first time in Sweden during 1977 and the raw materials used in the manufacture of plastic wood; this process is done by mixing wood fiber with plastic after the processing of raw materials. It consists of *wood is the main element in the industry. *Plastic ore: Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) or (HDPE) high-Density Polyethylene *in addition to other auxiliary chemical elements.


Our vision is to deliver products that are an epitome of excellence in terms of both utility and appearance. We are committed to build an unwavering repute through cordial client relationships and adherence to work ethics.


We are obligated to provide quality in every scenario during the production and works.


Professional business methods and modern technology help us to provide innovative and unique solutions to keep us innovative and acquire the latest technology to support innovation in our processes and products.


In all our efforts, we take into account the environmental impact and take measures to minimize it so the methods and technology adopted in the Albayan factory are 100% clean and environmentally friendly.


We are known for our confidence in the local market and our employees support our business values and maintain an ethical environment.

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Established in  2014