The world’s deforestation is undoubtedly contributing to the destruction of the environmental life of thousands of plants and trees as well as wildlife, draining our planet of oxygen, which is negatively reflected in climate change. This situation today is of concern to the entire world. We therefore need to stop it positively and contribute to protecting the earth from the destruction of forests and timber on a large scale. By creating environmentally friendly solutions that contribute to its preservation as in our products manufactured in Al Bayan factory, which are produced in Qatar from high quality raw materials and their basic components are 100% local components.

Our Solutions to the problem do exist.



Easy to cut and assemble.
Hybrid Board can be cut, sawed with circular Saw, screwed, engraved and drilled with traditional carpenter tools. Due to this feature, HYBRID board can be used to design any furniture of any shape.
Tough on the inside, smooth on the outside and no chance of warping and twisting.
It is manufactured from special raw materials which are eco-friendly and highly dense. Due to this highly dense material HYBRID board is highly dense on the inside and so it does not bend and twist in any adverse condition. It is engineered in such a way that there is no chance of warping and twisting. This property of HYBRID board makes it a contender with WOOD And PLYWOOD because wood and plywood have a natural warping tendency.
Termites and insects proof panel
Since HYBRID board is manufactured with special raw materials which are naturally immune to termites and borers so there is no chance of attack by termites and insects in HYBRID boards.
100%water Proof
It is completely safe to use in any condition, you may even use it in swimming pools. It is manufactured with waterproof materials which preserves it in any adverse conditions.
High Load bearing Strength
Has high load bearing strength, which makes it perfect for insulation, display boards and furnishing.
Fire Retardant
Fire retardant panel as it does not help to spread fire so it can be used in public places, kitchen, offices etc.